How Moving to a New Location Can Help You to Escape Poverty

Escaping poverty may seem like an impossible dream given your present circumstances, but the reality is that it may be easier to do than you might think. In your current location, there may be a number of factors working against you to hold you down in poverty. However, you may be able to adjust one or more of those factors with a change in location. Where you choose to live can have a dramatic impact on your financial situation, but you need to choose your new location with care. Consider how each of these factors can impact your finances as you make a final decision about relocation.

The Cost of Living
There is a considerable difference in the cost of living from city to city. Some cities, such as New York or Los Angeles, may have a very high cost of living. Others, such as rural locations, may have a lower cost of living. Keep in mind that the income in different locations may also vary, so you will need to compare the cost of living against the average income in an area to determine the best place to live.

Better Job Opportunities
If escaping poverty is your goal, you also need to explore different job opportunities in cities with an affordable cost of living. Ideally, there will be numerous job opportunities for those with your skill set to apply for, and these positions may pay more than what you are currently making. When it comes to escaping poverty, even an extra dollar or two per hour can add up considerably. This is particularly true if you are moving to a place with a more affordable cost of living.

Closer to Family and Friends
You may not think that living closer to family and friends would impact your financial situation, but it actually might. For example, your mother may no longer work, and she may be able to care for your children while you go to work. This could eliminate the need to pay childcare expenses, and this could be a tremendous savings to you. Some family and friends may even be able to help you get a better job or assist you in other ways while you go back to school.

Where you choose to live can play a major role in your financial situation. If you are currently struggling in the depths of poverty and cannot seem to pull yourself out, consider the benefits of relocating to a new place. It may still take a considerable amount of work to get out of poverty, but your efforts to relocate may be just what is needed to jump start the effort. Additional resources can be found at

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